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      Company Profile

      AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited (“AviChina”) was incorporated in Beijing on April 30, 2003 with a registered capital of RMB 4.6 billion; it was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on October 30, 2003. Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd., our parent company, is the main force in China aviation industry, leading at the Fortune Global 500. Airbus Group, as a strategic shareholder, has held 5% equity interests in AviChina since the IPO.

      AviChina is the only flagship company in Hong Kong stock market, who integrates aviation science and technology into civil products and services; we control four A-share listed companies, namely AVICOPTER(600038)、Hongdu Aviation(600316), AVIC Avionics(600372), and JONHON Optronic(002179), and several unlisted companies, such as, AVIC CAPDI and Tianjin Aviation Electro-Mechanical. Our main businesses include helicopters, trainers, general aircraft, airborne systems and aero-parts, and aviation engineering services, etc. We set up and manage an AVIC-level military-civilian integration fund with a total size of tens of billions, with which we will vigorously promote investments in related areas to accelerate the development of aviation industry.

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      • 中文版宣傳冊


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