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      Investor Relations


      AVIC CAPDI successively won the bids for important projects
      Updated:2022/5/20 10:00:03

      Recently, China Aviation Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. (AVIC CAPDI), the wholly-owned subsidiary of the AviChina, won the bids for two important projects, namely Maintenance Project (Phase I) of Air China Base at Daxing International Airport and Organic Renewal Planning and Design Project of China Oriental Silk Market.

      Beijing Daxing International Airport is positioned as a large international hub airport, and is a world-class aviation hub with the highest level of integration and the most advanced technologies. The project won by AVIC CAPDI includes the maintenance hangars, comprehensive support buildings and power stations, and is another milestone in the long-term strategic cooperation between AVIC CAPDI and Air China, which fully reflects its advanced design concept and mature engineering technology in the field of maintenance. The completion of the project will further improve the layout of Air China's maintenance capabilities, which will help Air China achieve the strategic goal of "one city, two airports" dual-base operation in Beijing.


      Organic Renewal Planning and Design Project of China Oriental Silk Market is located in Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, which will rely on local advantages, focus on cultivating a textile professional market with global influence, and coordinate the promotion of regional industrial transformation and upgrading and organic renewal of the market. The winning of the bid fully reflects the planning and consulting strength of AVIC CAPDI in the field of urban renewal and the high-end consulting and full value chain service capabilities in the field of professional market renewal planning.


      AVIC CAPDI is a state-level & large-scale comprehensive survey and design company with the highest qualifications covering the entire value chain of engineering construction. Its business covers the fields of consulting design, engineering assembly and equipment assembly. AVIC CAPDI has the ability to provide customers with a full value chain and a full range of services.