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      Investor Relations


      The 19th anniversary of the establishment of AviChina
      Updated:2022/5/20 10:11:28

      AviChina established in Beijing on 18th May 2003.


      On 30th October of the same year, AviChina was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and was the first large aviation manufacturer of China listed in overseas stock markets.


      It is remarkable that, in AviChina’s IPO, 5% of shares were acquired by Airbus as a strategic investor. It was the first time for a listed company in China aviation industry being invested by a renowned overseas company of the profession, and also was an innovative trial of AVIC in international development. The alliance of AviChina and Airbus has provided a capacious space for cooperation between Chinese aviation manufacturers and international partners. After the IPO, Airbus participated in the placement of AviChina again in 2018, and acquired shares with HKD180 million, which had further strengthened the strategic cooperation partnership.    

      After the listing, AviChina has focused on aviation main business, extended industrial chain, strengthened development of high technologies, enlarged business size, improved profitability and enhanced its operating quality as a whole. and its market value has increased steadily. 


      Today, AviChina has become one of the most valuable listed companies under AVIC, with a total share capital of more than 7.7 billion shares and holding four A share listed companies and other subsidiaries. Its performance had made a historic record in 2021, realizing a sales of RMB60,300 million and a profit of RMB2,369 million, ranking the 241st among China top 500 listed companies.

      Looking into the future, AviChina will adhere to aviation main business, endeavor to be a new style aviation hi-tech industrial group with a completed industrial chain and continuously create value for its shareholders, and aims to be the flagship listed company under AVIC.