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      AC332 Helicopter Complete Cockpit Design Review
      Updated:2022/6/13 16:12:04

      indicates that AC332 helicopter cockpit design features and main display and controlling equipment functions have been recognized by the authorities and pilots, laying a solid foundation for subsequent model development and related test verification.


      Based on an elaborated market research, demand-side innovative concept and user needs, Hafei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.(a subsidiary of AviChina) launched AC332 helicopter, a new type of advanced twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter .It is expected to complete the airworthiness certification and realize the first delivery by the end of 2024.

      AC332 helicopter can be widely used in the fields of emergency medical rescue, high altitude operation, offshore operation and so on. At the same time, it has advantages of high reliability and safety and low cost.

      AC332 helicopter will complete the whole process of development in Tianjin Helicopter Civil Aircraft Industry Base, which is another achievement of implementing the national high-quality development requirements and optimizing layout of the helicopter industry. It will strongly promote the construction of an open and shared civil helicopter development pattern.